The idea behind GREENBIRD is the integration of latest “Smart Building Technologies” into facility related processes. Our concept is based on the “cause-effect principle” and therefore we use our technology in order to make the causes measureable.

cleanbird utilizes a digital measuring system, which evaluates the levels of contamination in a property. Based on this data we calculate the necessary cleaning intensity on a daily basis based on the concept “Areas that are hardly or not at all used or contaminated need less or at the moment no cleaning at all.“

Especially in the sector of cleaning services it is of highest importance that the systems used are easy to handle. In general, it should be possible to handle IT systems intuitively despite the fact that of course there is always a certain need for training. In the future the handling of IT systems shall be part of the basic training in the area of cleaning services. This development comes with two new advantages: Firstly, it leads to improved transparency in the process and therefore better conditions for more efficient management and secondly, it comes with clear improvements in comfort for all parties involved.