For the last couple of months our Start Up has been operating a pilot project for our sensor-controlled creation of cleaning schedules. The areas to be cleaned in our pilot project amount to between 500m2 and 2.000m2 of commercially used office space. In this project, we compare the data gained by our cleanbird system with the conventional cleaning schedule, which is made using interval-based scheduling. In the reference area of our pilot client we were able to achieve an optimization of 30.9% (!) and significantly improve the quality at the same time during the last observation period. During the holiday season, it can be observed that some employees do not use their workplaces at all in two weeks, whereas others work longer on a daily basis. This leads to an increase in cleaning time for the used rooms, which is usually not taken into account in the interval-based cleaning schedule. The cleanbird cleaning schedule shows clearly that the necessary quality of cleaning services is being adapted to the actual cleaning needs.

In case you are interested in a pilot project in your building with cleanbird, do not hesitate to contact us!

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Harald Peterka