With cleanbird:one you benefit from all the system advantages of the cleanbird:two model, but the use of sensors is not required. With the digital recording of all your areas, as well as your planned or existing cleaning intervals and bills per room type of use you receive transparency and digital documentation of the services provided.

cleanbird:one can be used in every type of property and size. The application ensures that cleaning staff receive the desired service content in a comprehensible form (20 languages) as a work order and that you receive high transparency in the building cleaning process through the digital confirmation of performance.

In the management portal, the system offers you the option of depositing unnecessary cleanings in the system on a case-by-case basis (for example: vacation absence) and thus being able to unsubscribe from unnecessary services. It is also possible to order additional services directly as an additional task directly from the cleaning service provider. It is possible at any time afterwards to integrate sensors additionally and thus change them in cleanbird:two – even a mixed operation is basically feasible.

Our system experts can preconfigure the system for you – the introduction of cleanbird:one is possible in just a few days. With cleanbird:one you are able to plan, manage and document the building cleaning process in contemporary high quality – the potential for economic optimization is influenced manually by the ordering and unsubscribing services.

Numerous successful references confirm the innovative power of our product.