cleanbird:two  measuredthe actual cleaning intensity by using IoT sensors. Our KiWi sensors record the intensity of use in the building. Using this data and other influencing factors, such as the weather we determine the necessary type of cleaning and intensity of each room. Little or no unused areas are taken from the operational planning or cleaned only with the actual necessary intensity.

In addition, an order button can be used (Sibi sensor) with which you can order cleaning or unsubscribe yourself.

On the basis of this digital data, a daily updated cleaning plan is prepared for the cleaning staff which takes into account all legal and industry-specific methods and influencing factors.

The cleaning intensity is subdivided into 5 cleaning levels – the corresponding services are freely definable for each room type in our modular list of services – in the system also usual predefined performance directories can be selected.

The cleaning staff gets the cleaning plans in 20 different languages ​​with all service specifications on a tablet attached to the cleaning cart – the performance (cleaned area) is digitally documented by the cleaning staff.

An online management cockpit is available to the management (property manager or facility management), where all relevant data for up-to-date service management “just in time” can be called up.

The facility management can also actively intervene in the automated cleaning calculation and enter specific tasks or special requests regarding cleaning activities. The system translates the input automatically into all 20 languages, so that even special tasks for the cleaning staff are easy to understand.

The web-based system offers numerous additional digital data connection options for existing sensors, which are listed in the model cleanbird:connect.

Interfaces to Cafm systems or ERB systems can be offered separately by us. We understand all collected data as the property of the client. With cleanbird:two you are able to plan, manage and document the building cleaning process in a contemporary, high quality – the use of sensors also offers great potential for economic optimization. Numerous successful references confirm the innovative power of our product.