Cleaning results
Distribute your resources more effectively: Clean only if, when and where it is necessary! cleanbird is a system that enables you to optimize time and costs, which otherwise would be solely invested in cleaning services. Take advantage of this opportunity without reducing the quality of your cleaning services!

Report Management
A reporting system that is able to forecast your future cleaning costs and provide you with comprehensive insights into daily activities will facilitate your office life. Receive automatically simple and comprehensive cleaning reports. The reporting system will be adapted to your individual needs!

cleanbird sensors measure movement frequencies and by using this data they propose a suitable cleaning schedule, which will help you save money and time!

Based on comprehensive research and mostly dependent on the size of the areas to be cleaned, the cleanbird savings calculator quickly forecasts your prospective savings. Enter the information about your areas in need of cleaning into the savings calculator and find out how much money you could save on a yearly basis using our cleanbird system.

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